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Faculty & Staff    Supporting staff
  • General Office:
   HUI Sanna YExecutive Officer I(852) 2358-7268sannahuiRoom 4461A
   LAW Louiza M SDepartmental Secretary(852) 2358-7506llawRoom 4462
   TAM Chelsia S HClerk I(852) 2358-7500phshtamRoom 4461
   CHAN Helen Y MClerk II(852) 2358-7502phhelenRoom 4461
   CHOW Iris S CClerk II(852) 2358-7503phirisRoom 4461
   SAID JacmaClerk II(852) 2358-7501phjacmaRoom 4461
   LEE Shirley S LOffice Assistant(852) 2358-7507phshirleRoom 4461
  • Computer Facilities:
   CHOY Jones C YAssistant Computer Officer(852) 2358-7972phjoneschoyRoom 6139
  • Project Assistants:
   WU Sannie S YProject Assistant(852) 2358-7472phsywuRoom 4439
  • Teaching Laboratories:
   MAK David K SSenior Technical Officer(852) 2358-7510phksmakRoom 6133
   LEUNG Ka LunTechnical Associate(852) 2358-7974kalunRoom 6133
   TAM Chi MingTechnical Associate(852) 2358-7975phcmtamRoom 6133
   NAM Michelle C KTechnician(852) 2358-7511phmichelleRoom 6133
   LEE Che KinAssistant Computer Officer(852) 2358-7978phckleeRoom 6133
  • Research Laboratories:
   CHEUNG Tze KinChief Technician(852) 2358-8879cheungtkRoom 4124
   LUK Patrick Y PSenior Technical Officer(852) 2358-7520phyplukRoom 4121A
   HO Walter C MTechnical Associate(852) 2358-7516phwalterRoom 4142
   LAMPE UlfTechnical Associate(852) 2358-8894phulampeRoom 4121A
   NG Chi WingTechnical Associate(852) 2358-7521phcwngRoom 4121A
   SUEN Gordon C TTechnical Associate(852) 2358-8883gordonRoom 4121A
   YEUNG Kwok FaiTechnical Associate(852) 3469-2708phfaiRoom 4121A
   PANG Xictor L XTechnician(852) 2358-8892phxRoom 4146
  • Teaching Associate:
   CHEUNG Man FungTeaching Associate(852) 2358-7484cheungmfRoom 4444
   CHEUNG Sai KitTeaching Associate(852) 2358-7529leoncheungskRoom 4448
   CHOY Ting PongTeaching Associate(852) 3469-2432tingchoyRoom 4448
   NG Yee FaiTeaching Associate(852) 2358-7473phyfngRoom 4444
  • Instructional Assistants:
   FUNG Tony H TInstructional Assistant(852) 2358-7528tonyfunghtRoom 4469
   LAU Kai MingInstructional Assistant(852) 2358-7528minglauRoom 4469
   LI Cheung ShunInstructional Assistant(852) 2358-7528csliaRoom 4469
   LIU Man FaiInstructional Assistant(852) 2358-7528phymfliuRoom 4469
   NG Gary K LInstructional Assistant(852) 2358-7528klgngRoom 4469

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