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Faculty & Staff    Faculty
 TANG Zikang
 Director of Nano Science and Technology Program
  Tel: (852) 2358-7972
  Fax: (852) 2358-1652
  Location: Room 4442
  E-Mail: phzktang

Professor Zikang Tang earned his BSc degree (1983) from Hangzhou University. He completed his PhD degree at Tohoku University in 1992. He joined the Physics Department of HKUST in 1994.

Professor Tang's main research interests include fabrication and characterization of nanostructured semiconductors and metals; study of light absorption and light emission of nanostructured materials.

Research Achievements

Professor Tang and colleagues have demonstrated for the first time that single-walled carbon nanotubes with a diameter of 0.4 nanometer, the smallest carbon nanotubes in the world, are stable in air. They have not only provided novel samples for forefront research on carbon nanotubes, but have also opened up new fields for carbon tube applications in various hi-tech areas such as electronics, information technology and biology. Nature, a leading international science journal, published their research in November 2000. Following this success, superconductivity has been discovered in these nanotubes.

Research Areas

Representative Publications

"Carbonization Mechanism of Tetrapropylammonium-hydroxide in Channels of AlPO4-5 Single Crystals", J.P. Zhai, Z.K. Tang, Z.M. Li, I.L. Li, , F.Y. Jiang, P. Sheng, X.J. Hu, Mater 18, 1505-1511 (2006).

"Catalyzation effect of metal cations on the formation of carbon nanotubes inside the channels of AlPO4-5 crystal", J.P. Zhai, Z.M. Li, H.J. Liu, I.L. Li, P. Sheng, X.J. Hu and Z.K. Tang, Carbon 44, 1151-1157 (2006).

"Optical properties of iodine clusters formed inside one-dimensional channels of the AlPO4-5 crystal", J.T. Ye, Z.K. Tang and G.G. Siu, Appl. Phys. Letters 88, 073114 (2006).

"Geometry, phase stability and electronic property of isolated Se chains incorporated in nanoporous matrix", I.L. Li, J.P. Zhai, P. Launois, S.C. Ruan and Z.K. Tang, J. Ame. Chem. Soci 127, 16111 (2005).

"Raman spectra and thermal stability analysis of 0.4 nm freestanding single-walled carbon nanotubes", J.T. Ye and Z.K. Tang, Phys. Rev. B 72, 045414 (2005).

"Resonant Raman study of confined Se single helix and Se8 rings", I.L. Li, Z.M. Li, J.P. Zhai and Z.K. Tang, Applied Physics Letters 87, 071902 (2005).

"Exciton diffusion in light-emitting organic thin films studied by photocurrent spectra", C.L. Yang, Z.K. Tang, W.K. Ge and J.N. Wang, Applied Physics Letters 83, 1737-1739 (2003).

"Absorption spectra and chirality of single-walled 0.4nm carbon nanotubes", W.Z. Liang, G.H. Chen, Z.M. Li and Z.K. Tang, Appl. Phys. Lett. 80, 3415 (2002).

"Raman studies on 0.4 nm diameter single wall carbon nanotubes", A. Jorio, A.G. Souza, G. Dresselhaus, M.S. Dresselhaus, A. Righi, F.M. Matinaga, M.S. Dantas,  M.A. Pimenta, Z.M. Li, Z.K. Tang and R. Saito, Chem. Phys. Letters 351, 27 (2002).

"Structural Study of the 0.4 nm Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Aligned in Channels of AlPO4-5 Crystal", G.D. Li, Z.K. Tang, N. Wang and J.S. Chen, Carbon 40, 917 (2002).

"Structure Study of Se Species in Channels of AlPO4-5 Crystals", I.L. Li and Z.K. Tang, Appl. Phys. Lett. 80, 4822 (2002).

"Visible Emissions of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Formed in Micro-Channels of Zeolite Crystals", N. Nagasawa, H. Sugiyama, N. Naka, I. Kudryashov, M. Watanabe, T. Hayashi, I. Bozovic, N. Bozovic, G.D. Li, Z.M. Li and Z.K. Tang, J. Lumin. 97, 161 (2002).

"Mono-sized and Single-walled 0.4nm Carbon Nanotubes", N. Wang, G.D. Li and Z.K. Tang, Chem. Phys. Lett. 339, 47 (2001).

"Polarized Absorption Spectra of Single-Walled 0.4nm Carbon Nanotubes Aligned in Channels of AlPO4-5 Single Crystal", Z.M. Li, Z.K. Tang, H.J. Liu, N. Wang, C.T. Chan, R. Saito, S. Okada, G.D. Li and J.S. Chen, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 127401 (2001).

"Superconductivity in 4 Angstrom Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes", Z.K. Tang, L.Y. Zhang, N. Wang, X.X. Zhang, G.H. Wen, G.D. Li, J.N. Wang, C.T. Chan and P. Sheng, Science 292, 2462-2465 (2001).

"Single-walled 4 A carbon nanotube arrays", N. Wang, Z.K. Tang, G.D. Li and J.S. Li, Nature 408, 50-51 (2000).

"Stimulated Emission at Room Temperature from ZnO Quantum Dot Films", P. Yu, Z.K. Tang, G.K.L. Wong, M. Kawasaki and Y. Segawa, The 23rd International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, Berlin, Germany, July 21-26 (1996).

"Quantization of Excitons in CuCl Epitaxial Thin Films: Behaviour between Two-Dimensional Quantum Well and Bulk", Z.K. Tang, A. Yanase, Y. Segawa, N. Matsuura and K. Cho, Phy. Rev. B 52, 2640 (1995).

"Raman Scattering in PbI2 Clusters Incorporated into Zeolite Cages", Z.K. Tang, Y. Nozue and T. Goto, Materials Sci. & Engin. B 35, 410 (1995).

"Optical Selection Rules and Oscillator Strength of Confined Exciton System in CuCl Thin Films", Z.K. Tang, A. Yanase, T. Yasui, Y. Segawa and K. Cho, Phys. Rev. Lett. 71, 1431 (1993).

"Quantum Size Effect on the Excited State of HgI2, PbI2, and BiI3 Clusters and Molecules in Zeolite Cages", Z.K. Tang, Y. Nozue and T. Goto, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 61, 2943 (1992).


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