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 ALTMAN Michael S
 Head & Professor
  Tel: (852) 2358-7506
  Fax: (852) 2358-1652
  Location: Room 4463
  E-Mail: phaltman

Professor Michael Altman obtained his BA degree with Honors (1982) from the University of Pennsylvania and his Sc.M. (1984) and PhD (1988) degrees from Brown University in the United States. He was awarded an Alexander von Homboldt Foundation Research Fellowship (1988-1990) for post-doctoral studies at the Technische Universitaet Clausthal in Germany. He joined the Physics Department of HKUST in 1991. In 1997, he received the School of Science Teaching Award of HKUST.

Professor Altman's main research interests include surface physics focus on diffusion and growth, surface step dynamics, magnetism and quantum electronic properties of ultrathin films,  spin polarization effects in vacuum electron tunneling, low energy electron microscopy and diffraction, and field emission microscopy and spectroscopy.

Research Areas

Representative Publications

¡°Fourier Optics of Image Formation in LEEM¡±, A. B. Pang, Th. Mueller, M.S. Altman and E. Bauer, J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 21, 314006 (2009).

"Anomalous Mass Transport in the Pb Wetting Layer on the Si(111) Surface¡±, K.L. Man, M.C. Tringides, M.M.T. Loy and M.S. Altman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 226102 (2008).

"Step Line Tension and Step Morphological Evolution on the Si(111) (1x1) Surface¡±, A.B. Pang, K.L. Man, M.S. Altman, T. Stasevich, F. Szalma, T.L. Einstein, Phys. Rev. B 77, 115424 (2008).

"Vibrational Entropy-Driven Dealloying of Mo(100) and W(100) Surface Alloys¡±, K.L. Man, Y.J. Feng, C.T. Chan, M.S. Altman, Surf. Sci. 601, L95 (2007).

"Spin-dependent Fabry-Perot Interferometer of a Cu Thin Film Grown on fcc Co(001)",  Y.Z. Wu, A.K. Schmid, M.S. Altman, X.F. Jin and Z.Q. Qin, Physical Review Letters 94, 027201, 1-4 (2005).

"Kinetic Limitations in Electronic Growth of Ag films on Fe(100)",  K.L. Man, Z.Q. Qiu and M.S. Altman, Physical Review Letters 93, 236104, 1-4 (2004).

"Spin Polarized Vacuum Tunnelling from Co-Coated W(111) Tips", R. Bryl and M. Altman, Journal of Applied Physics 94, 4670-4675 (2003).

"Growth Morphology, Structure and Magnetism of Ultrathin Co Films on W(111)", K. L. Man, R. Zdyb, S.F. Huang, T.C. Leung, C.T. Chan, E. Bauer and M.S. Altman, Physical Review B 67, 184402_1-11 (2003).

"Layer Spacings in Coherently Strained Epitaxial Metal Films", W.F. Chung, Y.J. Feng, H.C. Poon, C.T. Chan, S.Y. Tong and M.S. Altman, Physical Review Letters 90, 216105_1-4 (2003).

"Kinetic Length, Step Permeability and Kinetic Coefficient Asymmetry on the Si(111) (7x7) Surface", W.F. Chung and M.S. Altman, Physical Review B 66, 075338_1-5 (2002).

"Modification of Initial Growth and Magnetism in Fe/Cu(100)", K.L. Man, W.L. Ling, S.Y. Paik, H. Poppa, M.S. Altman, Z.Q. Qiu, Phys. Rev. B 65 , 024409 (2002).

"Surface Diffusion Anomaly near a Substrate Phase Transition: H on W(100)", L. Cai, M.S. Altman, E. Granato, T. Ala-nissila, S.C. Ying and X.D. Xiao, Physical Review Letters 88, 226105_1-4 (2002).

"Step Contrast in Low Energy Electron Microscopy", W.F. Chung and M.S. Altman, Ultramicroscopy 74, 237 (1998).


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